Mini Games

Fast-paced fun to collect your accessories!
Clip on and go for fun on the run! Several to collect and trade.
Price: $4.99
Beat your opponents in the race to extinction!
Wager against your scurvy ship mates to grab the most pirate treasure!
A challenge to match the picture and its silhouette! Mini games are fun to collect and trade.
Price: $4.99
A tricky game of mirror images…are they the same or different? That’s the trick!
Marvel Mini-Collectible: The Search for Heroes is an action-packed activity featuring all the Marvel characters. The plastic case clips on to backpacks, belt loops and any other place where you want to take carry-along fun! Ages 6+, 2-4 players
Marvel Mini-Collectible Clip-On: Spider-Man Web Target Activity has skill and action fun. Plastic case clips on to backpacks, belt loops, jackets or any where else you want to snap on fun to go! See how accurately you can shoot your Spider-Man web! Ages 6+, 1 or more players
Price: $4.99
Marvel Sculpted Iron Man Mini Collectible; Iron Man Armor Up Mini Collectible
Handsome Hulk sculpted case mini-collectible holds the Hulk Smashing Challenge. A must-have for marvel fans!
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